18 for 2018

  1. Take a writing course
  2. Prepare my One Little Word album
  3. Finish Austin’s quilt
  4. Take Austin somewhere new to play
  5. Create a reading challenge for Evelina
  6. Make a new recipe with my Instant Pot
  7. Complete my 2016 and / or 2017 Project Life album
  8. Write a blog post for Austin’s birthday
  9. Write an outline for a new story
  10. Complete Tsh Oxendreider’s Like Your Life course
  11. Sew a Christmas decoration
  12. Find a reliable babysitting service so we can have some regular date nights
  13. Complete the FutureLearn Literature and Mental Health course
  14. Research a new side hustle
  15. Discover some new poetry
  16. Explore a new city or town
  17. Avoid fast food for a month.
  18. Read 50 books

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