Baby Boy Quilt

After much deliberation, I have finally made a decision about Austin's quilt fabric and bought two Chic Neutrals layer cakes. I plan on making a relatively simple block quilt using Amy Ellis's Talk of the Town quilt pattern as inspiration. I will keep you posted but don't be expecting any news any time soon! Who knows… Continue reading Baby Boy Quilt


5 Songs for Welcoming Baby Playlist

I need to get this made and I'm not sure what kind of thing I'll feel like listening to so I'll start with songs that I can lose myself in: Just Breathe - Pearl Jam Falling - The Civil Wars  Disarm - The Smashing Pumpkins The Day I Tried to Live - Soundgarden State of… Continue reading 5 Songs for Welcoming Baby Playlist


The Hospital Bag(s)

So naturally it starts with a list. I am using  modified version of the one I used last time. For baby 3 sleepsuits plus one for going home 3 short-sleeved vests 3 long-sleeved vests hat snowsuit 3 muslins plus one giant muslin 10 new baby nappies nappy disposal bags new born baby wipes blanket cotton… Continue reading The Hospital Bag(s)


A Day of Appointments

My first day of maternity leave has entailed a lot of waiting around in waiting rooms with a scan, a clinic appointment and a separate midwife appointment. The scan was fine - still showing an issue with Baby Boy's kidney (which *should* be easily resolved after the birth) but otherwise A-OK; I found out I… Continue reading A Day of Appointments