Today we spent some time getting ourselves organised ready for Baby Number Two. I am now 35 weeks pregnant and time is ticking on. We brought all the baby stuff out of the garage into the house and sorted through it, picking out the girlier toys. Whilst I don’t like toys being specifically gendered, I also appreciate that boys probably don’t want an abundance of fairy jigsaw puzzles. And having a sister will mean our Baby Boy will have plenty of access anyway to dolls etc. should he like that kind of thing.
It feels good to get more and more organised for the new arrival. My hospital bag is coming together and I think we have all the basics. Rich has the unenviable job of painting the nursery furniture. I have started ordering some furnishings for the nursery but I still can’t find fabric for his quilt. I will be wanting to finish it in time for his first birthday, like I did with Evelina’s, so there’s no immediate hurry.

5 weeks to go…

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