50 Book Challenge

So far I am on track for my goal of reading 50 books in 2016. So far I have read: The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark by Jill Tomlinson - I know this is a children's books and I am not going to cheat by adding all the books I read with Evelina… Continue reading 50 Book Challenge


5 Songs for Welcoming Baby Playlist

I need to get this made and I'm not sure what kind of thing I'll feel like listening to so I'll start with songs that I can lose myself in: Just Breathe - Pearl Jam Falling - The Civil Wars  Disarm - The Smashing Pumpkins The Day I Tried to Live - Soundgarden State of… Continue reading 5 Songs for Welcoming Baby Playlist


The Hospital Bag(s)

So naturally it starts with a list. I am using  modified version of the one I used last time. For baby 3 sleepsuits plus one for going home 3 short-sleeved vests 3 long-sleeved vests hat snowsuit 3 muslins plus one giant muslin 10 new baby nappies nappy disposal bags new born baby wipes blanket cotton… Continue reading The Hospital Bag(s)


Books on Writing

Does anyone else have a bookshelf like this? I’ve accumulated several books on writing from my degree and from my own interest in developing my craft (*cringe*). I feel like this is what a noob writer does - read about writing to avoid actually having to, you know, write. I think my favourite book on… Continue reading Books on Writing


My New Planner

As a stationery fiend, I have been eyeing a lifestyle planner for 2016 that I could use for to-do lists, home admin, appointments and anything else that will help me remember what is meant to be happening around me once the new mama haze sets in. I loved the look of Elise Blaha's Get To… Continue reading My New Planner

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Nurture – My Word for 2016

I haven’t had a proper think about New Year’s Resolutions yet. I might. But I haven’t yet. They seem to follow the same tune each year so it seems somewhat pointless to rehash the same old wistful optimism that This Year will the year where I eat better, read more, write more, watch less TV and… Continue reading Nurture – My Word for 2016