My New Planner


As a stationery fiend, I have been eyeing a lifestyle planner for 2016 that I could use for to-do lists, home admin, appointments and anything else that will help me remember what is meant to be happening around me once the new mama haze sets in.

I loved the look of Elise Blaha‘s Get To Work Book but the shipping costs made it prohibitive. Erin Condren’s LifePlanners are gorgeous but again, so pricey coming from the States. So I decided to look this side of the pond and found the Pirongs website. I had bought a non-personalised teacher planner from them when I was a student teacher so I knew that their products we of a high quality. Their Unique Lifestyle Planner was definitely the best option since it also allowed me to personalise what pages to include and which format I want the diary pages to come in. Rich got me a gift voucher for Christmas knowing I would want to spend time choosing the different options (front cover, size etc.)


I chose an A5 size with the hearts cover as it had a stitch design which I loved. I added gold rings, bookmark and elastic holder for a bit of glitz. I covered the predesigned ‘This planner belongs to’ front page (I had already put my name on the front cover after all!) and added the picture of one of my favourite writing quotations instead. Next is a Year-to-View double page.


Next are the diary pages. Each month starts with a Month-to-View double page which I will use for birthdays and any important events.


I chose the vertical Week-to-View design – I like the space for Weekly goals, to-dos and daily to-dos which I will use for important tasks and blog post planning.


Note the gorgeous platinum-plated pen – another gift from Rich this Christmas!

After the diary pages, there are home organisation / lifestyle pages which I chose:



Then there are some holiday planning pages (planning list page and packing checklist).



Then I added some cleaning planner pages where I can list chores.




Finally, I added a pen holder and a plastic wallet at the back in which I’m keeping the stickers that came with the planner. With all the extras and the delivery, it came in under £30 which is not at all bad, especially compared to the cost of buying an American equivalent. I am a happy lady and look forward to busting out the washi tape to make it even prettier on the inside.


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