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Personalising my Notebook

Since setting up my Home Management Notebook, I have been about as productive as I have ever been. Apparently, I am very task driven and a checklist motivates me more than any treat-based system! Since using the weekly cleaning checklist provided by Simple Mom, I have been able to get more housework done and certainly… Continue reading Personalising my Notebook

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Project: Simplify: Hotspot #4 – pantry and fridge

This is rather late in the game (Project: Simplify is WAY over) but until recently, there didn't seem to be much point in getting our kitchen cupboards sorted until we had filled the hole left by the integral fridge which we removed.  Since we already had a much superior Miele fridge/freezer which fit in our… Continue reading Project: Simplify: Hotspot #4 – pantry and fridge

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Project: Simplify: Hotspot #3 – toys and kid’s clothes

I am going to cheat for last week's hotspot for Project: Simplify since I have recently had a good sort out of my daughter's toys and clothes when I got phase 1 of her nursery done.  I don't really need to do any more for the time being with the clothes and toys although her… Continue reading Project: Simplify: Hotspot #3 – toys and kid’s clothes

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Project: Simplify: Hotspot #2 – Paper Clutter

I am a bit behind with these but the important thing is that I am doing them so I am not too worried about the deadlines!  The second hotspot for Project Simplify was paper clutter.  This is something I feel I am constantly battling and it doesn't help that getting ready for the move and… Continue reading Project: Simplify: Hotspot #2 – Paper Clutter

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Project: Simplify – Hotspot #1

Yesterday, I managed to (pretty much) complete the first challenge of Project: Simplify which was to organise our wardrobes.  I was particularly pleased that this was the first area to tackle since our clothes were in a right old state since we moved in.  As you probably know, our parents moved us into our new… Continue reading Project: Simplify – Hotspot #1

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Organized Simplicity

Organized Simplicity: The Clutter-Free Approach to Intentional Living by Tsh Oxenreider I have just started reading this book because ricardo and I decided that this year, we were going to wrestle our finances into order and simplify our lives. I have been reading Tsh's blog Simple Mom for a while as it is a great… Continue reading Organized Simplicity