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Project: Simplify: Hotspot #4 – pantry and fridge

This is rather late in the game (Project: Simplify is WAY over) but until recently, there didn’t seem to be much point in getting our kitchen cupboards sorted until we had filled the hole left by the integral fridge which we removed.  Since we already had a much superior Miele fridge/freezer which fit in our new kitchen, we didn’t see the point in trying to use a fridge which was low down and small.

Taking the fridge out was the easy part. We then needed to find a cupboard interior which would fit the non-standard kitchen which the previous occupants had fitted.  After a couple of mistakes (Ikea kitchen? Nope! Wickes kitchen? Nope!), we texted the old owner to ask who fitted the kitchen and we were able to get the exact interior ordered. (Of course, as soon we thought to ask the old owner, we found several stickers on the undersides of the kitchen cabinets with the name and address of the fitting company!!)

ANYWAY. The long and short of it is that we now have a spiffy new LARGE cupboard so we have had a re-organise.  Here are the results:

Main food cupboard
Baking cupboard
Cereals, spices and drinks
Baby food, tea and coffee (plus mugs and glassware)
The new cupboard! Le Creuset, Pyrex, slow cooker and hand blender
Cornishware and assorted crockery
Pan drawer!
Frying pans, roasting tins and Tupperware
Lesser used glassware and travel cups in awkward end cupboard

In the corner cupboards, we used large plastic tubs to store things used less often so that they were still relatively accessible.

Assorted tableware, table mats, booze and crisps!
Baby things, food processor, baking bowls, baking trays and chopping mats

As for the fridge, I do still need to have a clear out of expired condiments and pickles etc but it really doesn’t need decluttering otherwise. If anything, we need MORE food for it! Another shopping trip it is!

The last week of Project: Simplify was a free for all so I have done my Utlity Room and Kitchen Store Cupboard.  These are the before photos to whet your appetite!

I have a tea towel habit

2 thoughts on “Project: Simplify: Hotspot #4 – pantry and fridge”

    1. Oh yes, all those tea towels that you are BOUND to find something great to make into something else but can never quite bring yourself to do it!

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