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First planted

I am not really known for my green fingers but in the spirit of living more simply and therefore frugally, there is definite appeal in growing our own veggies.  Admittedly, our crop is hardly going to keep us fed all summer but it has been pretty cool to see the pea and bean plants which my parents-in-law planted for us flourish.

Beans before they are beans
All grown up - peas and beans behind with lamb mint and flat parsley in front

Our peas were the first to grow to maturity (is that the right phrase? I am so out of my depth here!) so we picked them, shelled them and enjoyed them with two meals!  See what I mean about not really the biggest harvest?!

Pea harvest - enough for two meals for two people
Shelled peas

We used a veggie plot which was already there when we moved in, albeit with nothing but some oinion bulbs.

An onion!

Our kitchen garden wouldn’t be complete without some herbs – my favourite kind of plant!  Our lamb mint and parsley which we bought from a National Trust shop at Baddesley Clinton have gone crazy.  The thyme and parsley from our old garden are just struggling back to life after the harsh winter.

Thyme and parsley

I also have a basil plant which I bought from Sainsburys as I love having fresh basil to hand but cannot for the life of me manage to keep it alive in the garden.

Basil plant

In addition, I am growing some more thyme from seeds which came with our latest tub of Lurpak!

Tiny Thyme
A flower fairy keeps watch

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