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My Home Management Notebook

I was excited (because I am sad like that) to get to the sixth chapter of Organized Simplicity because it deals with setting up a Home Management Notebook.  I have so far only set up two parts of this organisation aid but already I feel like my life at home has been transformed. I have been at my most productive now I have established the system and I feel more in control of my household chores and all the other things I try to get done.

I am using a Paperchase organiser I had bought a while back for this purpose.

So far, I have set up the Daily Docket which captures a whole day with your To-Do list (no more than 10 items) including 3 ‘MIT’s (most important tasks) which are the three things that if you get those done, you feel like you have had a successful day!

It also has an area for your meal plan, daily inspiration, a timed planner so you can remember times for specific appointments etc. and a notes area. You can download one to print for free from Simple Mom.

I have also started using her weekly chore chart Cleaning Checklist to keep track of the housework – this is exactly how I like to work: ticking things off as I go. I will probably make my own version of this eventually so that it fits my house better and so I can take off chores which I don’t intend to do on a weekly basis (don’t you dare judge me for not cleaning my windows every week / ever). I print these off, like the daily docket, in A5 onto the paper provided in the Paperchase planner using both sides for the Daily Docket to save paper.

Simple Mom keeps her Cleaning Checklist in a plastic sleeve and uses a whiteboard marker to tick off the chores so that she can wipe it all off and reuse it each week. I am not sure this will work in my notebook and since I doubt I will ever finish the list each week, it is good to be able to refer back to see what DEFINITELY needs doing!

Last Friday, I was buzzing from getting the house into some semblance of order and cleanliness and on Monday, I had the most productive day; despite a deadline of needing to leave town at 4pm, I managed to wrap eBay parcels, take them to the Post Office, reply to emails and blog comments, pick up a delivery from Asda, put away a stack of DVDs, wash up and load the dishwasher, as well as all the usual baby-related things like feeding, changing, washing etc!

Things that Simple Mom has in her notebook and that l might still implement (and will hopefully be able to share with you when I have done so) include:

  • Monthly Calendars
  • Master Grocery List
  • Monthly Budget
  • Ideas areas

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