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Project: Simplify: Hotspot #3 – toys and kid’s clothes

I am going to cheat for last week’s hotspot for Project: Simplify since I have recently had a good sort out of my daughter’s toys and clothes when I got phase 1 of her nursery done.  I don’t really need to do any more for the time being with the clothes and toys although her out-grown clothes will need to be sorted and put in the loft at some point – for now, they are being stored in the owl bag I used as one of my hospital bags.

Downstairs, we use a basket to store all the toys which is hidden down the side of the sofa. I am sure this will change as she gets bigger (and her toys do the same).

The exception is her play gym which has to stay out due to its size and frequency of use!

This week’s hotspot is the pantry (or in my case, the kitchen cupboards) and the fridge.  Again since we have only just recently moved in, this won’t be such a big job as we got rid of a lot of expired food when we were getting ready to move.  The fridge could do with a clear out though – I found a yoghurt from January in there on Saturday…

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