Happy New Year

In the minutes and hours before the clock strikes twelve, the house is filled with friends reuniting. We had spent the day preparing: moving sofas, clearing rooms, cleaning, sprucing, filling the larder. When everyone arrives, the house is alive. Food is shared and drinks are poured. The children play hide and seek, despite the teenage… Continue reading Happy New Year

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Nurture – My Word for 2016

I haven’t had a proper think about New Year’s Resolutions yet. I might. But I haven’t yet. They seem to follow the same tune each year so it seems somewhat pointless to rehash the same old wistful optimism that This Year will the year where I eat better, read more, write more, watch less TV and… Continue reading Nurture – My Word for 2016


Taking Stock

As I start to think about what my resolutions for 2014 will be, I realised I needed to start by checking how I managed my resolutions for 2013. These are the resolutions: lose at least a stone in weight complete all assignments at least two days before deadline read at least 50 books be tough… Continue reading Taking Stock