Celebrating with friends

The year started as it usually does: quiet and still. Austin managed to stay up with the big kids and saw in the new year with us but unlike the big kids, he is yet to master the art of the lie-in. He did manage a somewhat acceptable 8am wake-up time and since the previous night’s festivities had not been too exuberant, I was in pretty good shape as we snuggled up together on the sofa of the rented cottage while we waited for the rest of the house to come to life.

This new year, we are celebrating with two other families – my oldest dear, dear friends – in a picturesque thatched cottage set in the glorious south Warwickshire countryside – this home from home is not very far from actual home which means the surroundings are reassuringly familiar. The cottage has enough room for the adults to relax while the children enjoy their first chance to play for an extended amount of time with each other for ages. Sitting right on the border of Oxfordshire, we are very close to the start of the Cotswolds and showing this area to my friends makes me realise how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful area.

This morning, we blew off the cobwebs with a windy walk up a big hill to the windmill we could see from the cottage. Just as we reached the top, the clouds thinned and the sun beamed its way though allowing us to fully enjoy the fantastic panoramic views.

After a year of cancelled trips and tiresome but necessary restrictions, it has been truly wonderful that we managed to get together and celebrate the start of 2022 surrounded by love, friendship and connection. Harper has had a ball too!

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