A Road Trip

As we start to look ahead to what the new year will bring, it is impossible not to get excited about our trip to Florida in the summer, despite all our lingering concerns about whether the trip will finally go ahead. While there, we will be renting a car so although the holiday will contain a good deal time in theme parks, we will undoubtedly be making sure we explore a bit.

Our best holidays for me have been ones where have been on the move whether it was driving through France and Switzerland to Italy, up the east coast of the US from Miami to Washington DC or our west coast adventure driving from San Francisco to Las Vegas via Los Angeles. We gave the kids a taste of road trip life during our 2019 holiday to Cape Cod, Boston, Concord and Rockport. It is so exciting to think we will be exploring again in August as we venture out of Orlando to other Floridian attractions.

Fingers and everything else crossed that our travel dreams aren’t dashed for a third year running.

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