5 Songs for Welcoming Baby Playlist

I need to get this made and I’m not sure what kind of thing I’ll feel like listening to so I’ll start with songs that I can lose myself in:

  1. Just Breathe – Pearl Jam
  2. Falling – The Civil Wars 
  3. Disarm – The Smashing Pumpkins
  4. The Day I Tried to Live – Soundgarden
  5. State of Love and Trust – Pearl Jam

2 thoughts on “5 Songs for Welcoming Baby Playlist”

  1. What an awesome playlist! All my favourite bands, and I enjoyed listening to this, never mind the joy of welcoming baby to it. Perfect!

    1. Thanks! I made all four (!) playlists today and it was fun just putting my favourite songs together. I bet I don’t even end up using them for the labour but I don’t mind as I can listen to them anytime! 🙂

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