Austin’s First Year

Let me start with an apology: Mum and Dad, I am sorry that I chided you numerous times for not having as many photos of me as a baby as you did of my (older) brother. I know you had your reasons but I also know this (hopefully pretty universal) truth: the second child does NOT get the same photos (or in my case, photos, blog posts, quilts) as the first born. Evelina has monthly letters I lovingly wrote with photos and anecdotes aplenty. She has photos books for the first three years. I wrote weekly about my pregnancy with her. In short, I have a lot of explaining to do when Austin gets old enough to appreciate the inequality of it all. My saving grace is that I have been using Instagram and Twitter to help document his milestones as much as I can.


But here is the thing: the lack of photos etc. does not translate to a lack of love. I love Austin just as much.

Now for my excuses:

  1. The second one gets less attention automatically because you already have another child that you need to look after (although during school hours this excuse doesn’t really wash);
  2. I am older and therefore less agile of mind;
  3. When Evelina was a baby, she slept A LOT so I got a lot done. Even though Austin has recently improved in the daytime nap area, his night sleep is lousy (Austin, this one is on you, I’m afraid) so I am pretty much tired all the time. Tired = not inclined to string words together  (no fancy blog posts) or string string together (no pretty sewing).
  4. I am older. Yes, I know I said it but it’s very, very true.
  5. Netflix now exists.

So today, on this special day (Happy First Birthday Austin!), I am going to write for Austin the best, most comprehensive blog letter, complete with pictures and anecdotes.

Just so long as he goes to sleep on time.

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