21 in 2021

  1. Finish Austin’s quilt (this is getting desperate now; he is five in February!);
  2. Bake a birthday cake; (this was not a priority in the end!)
  3. Complete the first draft of a piece of writing (novel or short story); (maybe 2022 is the year?!)
  4. Research ways to publish my writing;
  5. Read Beloved by Toni Morrison; (one for 2022)
  6. Go camping;
  7. Celebrate with friends;
  8. Surprise the children with a great holiday; (it wasn’t Florida but we did go to Sherwood Forest and the Peak District – fingers crossed for 2022).
  9. Have coffee in a coffee shop and write;
  10. Start writing Morning Pages;
  11. Visit a new art gallery;
  12. Go to a local attraction that I haven’t visited before;
  13. Explore a new place;
  14. Go to the beach with Harper; (still need to do this – she is going to lose it!)
  15. Take a course or read a book that will develop my teaching practice;
  16. Read a classic novel that I have never read before;
  17. Learn to play something new on the piano;
  18. Refurbish my classroom (if I ever get it back);
  19. Take Harper on a walk in the country;
  20. Eat out at a restaurant with Rich; (how is it possible that we didn’t do this (alone)?)
  21. Choose a word of the year; First one already done!