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My definition of Quality Television

In my list of Simple Goals, I wrote that I wanted to watch only ‘Quality Television’ but I felt I needed to elaborate as this might not mean exactly what you think it does.  You see, despite wanting to make time for the good things in life and to get things organised, I am not quite ready to give up television entirely, and in fact whilst I am breastfeeding, there really isn’t much else I can do other than read and I still haven’t managed to do that comfortably for any length of time.

However, I did have a long look at my television viewing habits and my Sky Plus planner and realised that I watch a lot of guff. So I want to approach my TV viewing with the notion of Intentional Living in mind.  Sure, I can still watch Deal or No Deal from time to time if I really want to but I want to stop wasting so much time watching said Guff just because I can’t be bothered to find something better to watch or even better, do.

Time to go



Multiple episodes of Ellen and Oprah are recording every day at the moment and frankly, much as I love these two ladies, I really don’t need to watch these episodes especially since they are so old (some aired over a year ago in the US making them rather out of date).


I also spend too much time rewatching snippets of E4 shows that I have already watched like Everwood (I don’t even know what is happening on this show since I only watch it once in a while and yet I can waste half an hour trying to figure it out) and Smallville reruns (Tom Welling is very alluring, what can I say?). Other shows getting the Kate Axe:

  • Location, Location, Location / Relocation, Relocation
  • Homes Under the Hammer
  • Cougar Town (I’m behind with this and just can’t seem to care enough to catch up)
  • One Tree Hill reruns
  • Gilmore Girls (I do not need to see it for the third maybe fourth time)
  • Hellcats – I started to watch this but realised I am too old for this kind of show and it will only make me want to be a cheerleader which as a 34 year-old British woman is most certainly not a possibility.

First time viewing

I have some decent TV (or DVD boxsets) to watch that I have never seen so I will be watching the following instead:


Mad Men (season 1) – I want to watch this for the goregous outfits and Christina Hendricks alone but I have heard many good things despite it apparently being a little slow to get going.


Community (season 1) – another show that I keep hearing good things about. We watched the first couple of episodes and I whilst I am not sure that ricardo is convinced, I definitely think it will grow on us.  It has Ken Jeong for goodness sake!


Friday Night Lights (season 5) – I keep putting off watching this final season – I think it’s because I don’t want the show to end but it has ended so I should just man-up and get watching.

I also want to carry on with new episodes of One Tree Hill, The Office, Parks and Recreation, Fringe (Joshua Jackson!), Bones, Raising Hope, the superb Modern Family, and at some point. catch up with Chuck. Plus there are some quality shows on Sky Atlantic including Boardwalk Empire, The Sopranos, Treme and Bored to Death which I will be watching at some point with ricardo.  This is certainly enough to give me my teevee fill!

Old favourites


I can’t say that I won’t throw on an old favourite which I have on DVD such as Buffy, Angel or my beloved (and for the most part, oh-so-terrible) Dawson’s Creek (more Joshua Jackson!).







11 thoughts on “My definition of Quality Television”

  1. I am tres impressed about giving up Location, Location, Location and Relocation, Relocation, I like the ruthlessness! I don’t think I could ever give up L, L, L or R, R – not the reruns, the new series – I love Kirstie and Phil too much. Pathetic.

    Now, does Grey’s Anatomy count as pap, or is that “good” television? Because I heartily recommend getting into it if you haven’t already!

    1. I am going to find it hard – I do so love a bit of Phil and Kirstie – but it must be done.

      I have always wanted to watch Greys – maybe one day… I just rememered we also have season 2 of The Wire to watch plus all of West Wing which we have borrowed!

  2. I am sooooo happy that you kept Dawson’s Creek!! It is terrible but has a permanent place in my young heart. I am sure it was you that introduced me to it and I’m sure that Si never quite forgave you as he had to spend another hungover Sunday morning after the Brush making me cups of tea while I was gripped by all the shenanigans of Capeside. xx

  3. Dude! We may have to agree to disagree over telly, can’t say I ever really got hooked by Dawson’s Creek, I was more a ‘My So-Called Life’ girl, with the lovely Jared Leto. But I do agree that breastfeeding affords you a good chunk of time for not much else, although, beware of this frustrating you, as it doesn’t really last all that long. Unless you plan on doing it until they can actually ask for ‘bitty’? Yeuck! Jakey has got a tooth, which signals to me that he’s getting ready for finger food, and I’m thinking of bringing in a sippy cup already, so enjoy it while it lasts, I know I’m going to miss it x

  4. I still owe you some shows 🙂

    Have been going through some old stuff at lunchtimes etc, but knowing there’s an end in sight to FNL means i should start to watch this instead!

      1. In a bizarre twist they’re making a Scream 4 which will have Lux from Life Unexpected and someone from FNL. Not sure what to think of the semi-awful horror-trilogy becoming a quad though..?

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