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Does it sometimes feel that all you are really working towards in life is an empty plate? That is, having the opposite of having a lot on your plate? This is what it feels like to me. And it is pretty futile since life will keep piling the food on, no matter how much you eat or how quickly.

I think that the reason I feel vaguely unsettled most of the time is because I like the neatness of a completed task or to-do list. And that completion never seems to happen because there is always something else that I need to do. Another house chore, another book to read, another TV show to watch, another quilt to sew, another email to send, another bit of club admin to do.

It would make it a lot easier if I didn’t focus on finishing, but just focused on enjoying the process (as much as that is possible when one of the components of that process is ironing).

6 thoughts on “Plate”

  1. I know how addiction to completion of tasks feels.. And ya, its best to enjoy the process. Hope we can do it !

  2. I know how you feel, but I try to rejoice in the fact that all the things still to complete are things that are either enjoyable, or that lead to enjoying life a little bit more comfortably, even the mundane tasks that seem to never be completed (in my case washing up & laundry gaaaah!)

    AND for now, there’s less on your plate than there will be once PGCE starts.

    1. Ain’t that the truth! I just think these last couple of weeks have felt particularly hard because I have been juggling my job, my home life, my club AND trying to find time to study / prepare for September. July and August will be quieter and so I don’t think I will feel so overwhelmed. You might say I am even started to get excited!

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