Simple Life

Our Family Purpose Statement

Project 6 (a Living Well project) from One Bite at a Time: Create a Family Purpose Statement

I must admit that I have already done this but since I wanted to get my 52Bites posts on the road, and I am really too busy to try anything today, I thought this would be a good place to start.

Our statement is:

We believe that our purpose as a family is to live without regret or worry and to have a positive impact on the people or environment around us.  We will accomplish this by:

  • valuing openness, respect, kindness and positivity
  • making our home a place of warmth and simplicity
  • making time for each other and for others
  • communicating respectfully, effectively and with love

I find this particularly useful when I start thinking of all the Stuff I want to buy or have. Reading this statement reminds me what is important.

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