Writing Lists


My life always seems to run smoother when I am writing lists. I may have mentioned before how much I like lists. I generally like to keep to-do lists to keep on top of everything at work and at home. Lately, work has been moving at a pace too fast for lists. Lack of time means that I don’t have the time to write the list and I makes me feel a little bit like I am drowning. Similarly at home, there are so many chores and jobs to do that I fear the list I need to make so it remains unmade.

Which brings me here.

Here, I can write fun lists. Lists of things to do while I am still 37. Lists of books I have read. And now a revived bucket list, brought over from my old blog and ready to be added to. It came about because I remembered I wanted to visit the book shop Shakespeare and Company in Paris one day so I found my old bucket list and saw that I had already added this to the list. Guess I need to come up with some new material.

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