The Need to Capture


I don’t know if it because it feel like time is rushing by like a flooded river but more and more I have felt the need to capture our lives whether that be through Instagram, this blog, in photo albums (it makes me feel a bit panicky that we don’t have any recent photos in print form) or on paper. I really wanted to start a Project Life scrapbook this year but I knew that right at the end of the busy Christmas holidays is not going to be the best time – it is definitely a summer holiday job.

Instead I found an old, barely-used Moleskine journal that I have converted into a 5 year diary for daily shorts. Using a ruler and my trusty date stamp, I have save myself a few pounds. I am of course extremely doubtful that I will be able to stick at it but I will give it a go. Some days it will be a quick overview, some days a thought on my mind. Some days something creative perhaps. I want it to be visually appealling although I do not have much in the way of artistic ability. Certainly nothing like these creative folks.


I wrote a while back about using Day One, an iMac/iPad/iPhone app, for daily journalling. Whilst it was great for using when we were away on holiday, I found it didn’t work for me once I was back home. I will continue to use it as my travelogue and in that way, all our adventures will be recorded privately in one place which will be great. It is such a visually appealing app, I can see getting pulled back into using it from time to time.


3 thoughts on “The Need to Capture”

  1. Hi Kate, I feel just the same, trying to capture our life in different ways and with varied success . Currently loving the apps 1 Second everyday (video app) and Flava (journal app), also the old fashioned paper and glue of scrapbooking. I find Flava easy to keep up as it only takes a few mins at the end of the day. I do try to remember to video something for a Sec each day as, when the seconds are mashed together, its fab. I don’t stress if I miss a few days or just record something random in the house as it still can look good in the compilations. xxx

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