Since this month’s NaBloPoMo theme is ‘pressure’, I thought I ought to write about it at least once this month and yet every day that I have come to write something I have felt reluctant. Maybe this is because ‘pressure’ is such a negative word and my word for 2014, as you know, is Positivity. Maybe it’s because I am bored by the constant pressure I am under and so feel no great urge to moan about all those things that life throws at me because I am a teacher or a working mother or a human being. I am not really sure I could write about this subject all month.

Then I thought about other applications of the word ‘pressure’ and tried to find positive ones. There is the cool kind of pressure that turns coal into diamonds. That kind of pressure is NICE. There is peer pressure which can be utterly horrendous but now that I am a proper grown-up person is instead supportive and appreciated. Thanks, Louise, for shouting NO! at me when I was about to reach for a chocolate without thinking in the English office the other day. Having someone like my work bestie Louise working with me and dieting with me is exactly the kind of pressure I respond to and apparently, even with my fully-grown status, something I really need to be an effective teacher/mother/human being.


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