37 Things – 1 Month Left



Of my 37 things, I have 12 still to complete:

  1. Read 50 books in a year 12 months – I’ve read 33 books since my last birthday so far meaning I have to read 17 in one month… I am not sure I will manage this one!
  2. Re-watch the whole of Lost – almost complete. I will definitely get this one done.
  3. Make a quilt – nope
  4. Write a weekly daily monthly journal from 2014 – nope
  5. Start a Project Life binder – I want this for my birthday so fingers crossed.
  6. Write a story – I have written SOME of a story. I doubt I will finish by the end of July.
  7. Go to a Zumba class – totally doable
  8. Go to a Pride parade – Leamington has a Pride festival today so this is doable.
  9. Visit Italy – Not happening this year 😦
  10. Paint the front door – no point since we are moving!
  11. Customise the cushions in the lounge – nope
  12. Fully qualify as a teacher – should be in the bag!

All in all, I’m feeling pretty good about this. As for the ones I won’t get done, I need to decide if they will make it onto my 38 things list which I will be making on my birthday.


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