Longhand Journal


I’m trying a new kind of journalling at the moment using a page-a-day diary and so far I’m enjoying it. What I write bears little relation to the day on which it’s written which allows me to write a few days at a time. I am writing from prompts or from the heart – whichever feels right. Some writing is personal, some somewhat philosophical and some mundane. I feel good about that.

I am sure I will come back to the online blogging form of journalling sooner or later but for now, when my writing time is wedged into the day, it seems easier to write longhand than to get time alone with my laptop to type. Maybe having my own workspace will change all this and maybe once the house is photo-ready, I will be back sharing news on the house and my crafty plans for it. Right now though, I’m digging the offline writing experience.

2 thoughts on “Longhand Journal”

  1. Oh, so lovely to hear from you! How is the new house? And Evelina – has she started school yet? Or is it next year? I’m so glad you find a page a day journal helpful, I asked for a personal organiser for Xmas, but the diary pages are so tiny I can barely write what I did, let alone how I feel! I think I will have to cave in and buy a page a day instead. One must have room for one’s thoughts! Anyhow, so nice to hear from you and keep up the journaling!

    1. Lovely to hear from you too! How are things with you? I feel have had so little time to keep up with blogs so it’s great to hear from you and I am going to read some of your posts to catch up. Evelina starts school in September so we are waiting until April for the news on which school she got in to. Nice to know someone is reading after all this time! xxx

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