An Oversight


It just goes to show how different things are the second time around.

I was procrastinating of a Sunday evening (so far, so normal) and trying to decide about where to go with my blogs (this one and Raising Evelina). I just don’t write in the same way I used to and I seem to have replaced the blog with Instagram as my go-to way of sharing my life and my news.


Certainly, this was apparent when I realised I had not really announced here that I was expecting a baby. I am, by the way, and 22 weeks along! Compared with the first time I was pregnant, where I updated my blog with weekly updates and more in between, I find myself struggling to find time or suitable motivation to write in the same way.



Becoming a teacher has made it necessary for me to be more careful about what I share online and I definitely find myself avoiding sharing in the way I used to about my real thoughts and feelings Just In Case. I also feel more self-conscious than ever about writing posts that will be shared on Facebook and yet without my Facebook audience, few would be reading at all. It’s a bit of a vicious circle (although admittedly the word vicious is hyperbolic given the circumstances). I’m left unsure how to continue or whether to continue. I might start a whole new blog to consolidate this blog here and Raising Evelina. . I might create a new blog just for Baby Two. I might give up blogging altogether.

I guess all of these words could be reduced to the following:

a) I’m having another baby

b) I don’t know what to do about my blogs here or at Raising Evelina.

c) We are having a baby. And it’s a boy!



2 thoughts on “An Oversight”

  1. Congratulations! How wonderful, thanks for sharing, and you look fabulous! You made my day 🙂

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