I’m taking part in #The100DaysProject


In the early ours of yesterday morning, I was wide awake. Austin was sleeping (and has been brilliant this week at sleeping up to 8 hours at a time overnight) but my mind was turning and I couldn’t get to sleep.


So while I was trawling through my usual online hangouts (Instagram, Pinterest, Bloglovin’) I found a blog post by Found Some Paper and realised that the 100 days would take me right up to the day before my 40th birthday.

I thought about what I would do – taking pictures of my kids for 100 days would be the easiest thing to do but this would not help me achieve any of my 39 Things, the most important for me being the first draft of my novel. Then I read this quotation from Julia Cameron:


Oh my goodness, how that resonated with me. I think I had felt all of those things – that it was too late, too egotistical, too selfish and too silly for me to try to write.

So I have taken the plunge and I am committing to writing or working on my writing in some way everyday for 100 days. Yesterday was Day 1 and I started by reading through all my notes on my novel from the character profiles I created to the outline.  If I can manage between 300 to 500 words a day, I will end up with a respectable sized draft and will certainly give me something to work with.

As per the guidelines, I am posting daily on Instagram with my progress under #the100dayproject and my own personal hashtag #100daysoftrywriting. Try Writing sounds so much less intimidating than Actual Writing!

This project was set up by Elle Luna – head over to Instagram to get involved. You are only one day late!

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