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A Week in the Life

Yesterday was the first day of documenting the every day and ordinary which is A Week in the Life, run by Ali Edwards. Last year’s was in August and I managed to get my album finished on Sunday.

Watch my scrapbook slideshow here

A Week in the Life 2015 by Slidely Slideshow

I am now embarking on another week of documenting and I have realised I really love this project because most documenting that I manage to get done tends to be the special events or holidays etc. This allows me to look back and see how we were loving our normal lives. It will be great to see how these lives evolve year on year. Ali is all about championing our stories and reminding us that our stories matter.


Last year there was a heavy focus on photos with some journalling added. This year I won’t be using the kit produced by Ali but instead will be doing most of it digitally. I want to have more writing this year to show what was happening in the photos including favourite moments of each day and things the people around me have said. Today, I noticed Evelina saying to Austin ‘you’re my special boy’ and I am so used to her being sweet and loving, it could easily be forgotten. Now I will save these special words so that we can remember this exciting time in our lives as we adjust to having another member of the family in the house.

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