A Happy List

Today is day 12 of my #100daysofwritinghappy and one of the unexpected aspects of this challenge is choosing what to write about each day. When I stop and think, I realise just how many things bring me joy. For today’s writing, I wanted to write a really specific list of things that make me happy:

  • the crackle of a fire when it’s howling outside;
  • Austin’s deep laugh which leaves him breathless with joy (usually elicited by Evelina’s buffoonery);
  • talking with my mum on the phone for ages even though we are going to see each other later that day / week;
  • the stillness of a lake in the evening;
  • being the first to walk on freshly fallen snow;
  • when Rich and I say the same thing at exactly the same time in exactly the same intonation;
  • my dad’s hugs;
  • the smell of my children’s breath and necks – I know this is weird but I love it;
  • the blaze of colour in the trees in autumn;
  • being far enough into the book to know it’s going to end soon but not so far that it’s almost over;
  • making kids at school laugh;
  • making kids at school understand something they didn’t before;
  • making kids at school think;
  • an Evelina selfie;
  • laughing with my colleagues in the department base so hard that I can’t breathe;
  • buying any kind of stationery but particularly pens and notebooks;
  • documenting our lives and remembering our experiences;
  • the song of a blackbird;
  • that moment in the rain in the film version of Pride and Prejudice when Lizzie and Darcy argue;
  • clearing out my inbox;
  • time on my own to think and write and relax and be;
  • time with my family to hug and laugh and experience life;
  • walking through the woods on a sunny summer’s day so the light dapples through the leaves, the crunch underfoot, a dog with a stick, the musty scent of the undergrowth, the coolness;
  • travelling somewhere new or somewhere loved, preferably on a plane;
  • memories of our holidays;
  • holding Evelina’s hand;
  • a proper kiss from Austin with no teeth or snot (although I’ll take what I get);
  • when I’m restless in bed and Rich puts his hand on my back;
  • music and dancing;
  • night silence.


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