One Little Word – Find

One of my 18 for 2018 items was to get my One Little Word album prepared for the year. I did most of this early on in January but one of the cards asks you to reflect back on the story of the month so I have only just finished the prompts for January today.

This was my Christmas gift from my parents so I got the main kit, the album and Ali Edward’s class along with some digital material. I chose the pink album which I love. I don’t know if it is because I was participating ‘properly’ for the first time (in previous years, I have chosen a word but not documented anything or thought much about it past each January blog post) but I struggled to pick my word this year. After a lot of consideration, I finally decided upon my word of the year – Find. It just felt right for me the more I thought about it.

Here are my pages so far:

My previous words have been as follows:

2014 – positive
2015 – protect
2016 – nurture
2017 – balance


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