Reading Aloud

The sun is streaming in through the living room window. We have nothing we *have* to do and nowhere we are able to go. Austin asks for me to read again his newest Julia Donaldson book, The Scarecrows’ Wedding, so we read and listen to the audio CD that came with it.

Then it is time to read to Evelina. We are deep into Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, holding our breath with Harry as he carries out the second task for the Triwizard Tournament. Our hearts race as he struggles underwater.

I am so lucky that reading aloud happens to be an important part of my job and it is certainly something from my work that I am happy to bring home. I love making those words from the page come to life, doing silly voices, adding drama with intonation and emphasis. Evelina commented that I never seem to get tired of reading to her and I am so happy that she noticed because it is true. If life is getting slower with lockdown then I am all for all the extra reading time.

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