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A New List

2021 was not the year we had hoped it would be. Our second attempt to get the kiddos to Disney was thwarted (this time it was a Florida holiday that didn’t go ahead rather than Paris in 2020). That said, when I reflected on the 21 things in 2021 that I set for myself, I was somewhat encouraged to see that the majority of the items had been completed in some form or other.

So with 2022 now underway it is time for the new list.

  1. Visit Disney World
  2. Go to the Top of the Rock
  3. Have coffee in Central Park
  4. Visit a water park
  5. Finish the first draft of my novel
  6. Start a new business or side-hustle
  7. Read Beloved by Toni Morrison
  8. Find a writing accountability partner
  9. Take the kiddos to an art gallery
  10. Picnic in a meadow
  11. Take Harper to the beach
  12. Go on a writer’s retreat
  13. Cook a new fancy dinner
  14. Throw a (dinner?) party
  15. Write a poem
  16. Read a book that I already own
  17. Spend the afternoon in the library
  18. Find a new podcast to listen to
  19. Redesign my tutoring website
  20. Take a Writer’s HQ course
  21. Paint my nails
  22. Take the leap

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