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A Good Laugh

When we started watching Canadian-made comedy Schitt’s Creek, I was a little unsure. A show about a ridiculously rich and privileged family falling on hard times with the inimitable Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara certainly seemed like it would be a funny show. But inevitably the first season took an episode or two to warm up.

In no time, however, it became an all-time favourite of ours. The show is warm, funny, endearing. An optimistic and gentle kind of comedy that never took as cheap shot at any of its characters. The show presents diversity without signposting it and includes a main character who is both pansexual and universally accepted and embraced by the titular small town. When other shows might have tried to make a point or have the character overcome homophobia, the complete absence of this was both refreshing and a relief. It made me feel hopeful, even. David’s love life was just a part of a his family’s growth to the point where we became genuinely attached to these fictional characters.

For Christmas, Rich bought me a gorgeous coffee table style book called Best Wishes, Warmest Regards written and compiled by the father and son stars and show creators Dan and Eugene Levy; it includes scripts, cast and crew stories and beautiful photographs from the set. I will most definitely be taking my time to read this while rewatching this hilarious and heartwarming series.

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