Living boldly

I hadn’t chosen a word year yet. I haven’t found it particularly useful of late; maybe that is just because the last couple of years have been so full of uncertainty. My word for 2021 was ‘hope’ and I am not sure I could’ve chosen another given the circumstances. However, I don’t know if it really served me at all last year. I think this practice had more meaning when I documented it throughout the year using the word as a lynchpin. However, the daily prompt for Bloganuary asks what it means to live your life boldly. This made me think my word from 2020 which was ‘bold’. I was very happy with the choice at the time; little did I know that the year would have other plans. It’s pretty tough to feel bold in the midst of a global pandemic.

The word has stayed with me, though. In fact, the more I think of it, the more I think that this would make a perfect choice for this year. Why not choose the same word again? There are no rules after all.

But what does it actually mean to live boldly?

For me, living boldly means saying no to things that don’t serve me. It means daring to imagine a different way of living. It means being brave enough to love myself. It means following dreams. It means setting an example to my children so that they know that it’s okay to change your mind or to change your path, to adapt, to pivot. I still don’t know what is best for me professionally, but I do know that going forward I will be putting the word ‘bold’ at the centre of things.

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