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A Pretty Little City

I spent the weekend in the city of Bath.  While my friends took advantage of the Thermae Spa, I decided to explore the city. The timing of this trip with me reading Northanger Abbey for the first time was a happy accident. A large portion of this novel takes place in Bath at the end of the 1700s and it was wonderful to walk in the city today knowing that Jane Austin had walked the streets, albeit with them looking a little different to how they are today. I could still see many of the locations mentioned in the book: Milsom Street, the Pump Rooms, Edgar’s buildings on George Street, Cheap Street. So much of Bath is still well preserved; it is like a museum in itself. The buildings are so beautiful and the history seeps out of every street corner.

I also wanted to get some writing done. I’ve had to revise my novel’s outline as I am changing a significant aspect of my main character’s personality which in turn is having ramifications for the plot and the other characters’ motivations. It was great to be able to combine some much-needed catching up with these ladies, with some also much-needed time to myself so I could go over my thoughts on the novel that is taking shape.

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