An Evening Walk

One of the many lovely things about having a dog is that I take a lot more evening walks than I used to. As a family, we would occasionally have a walk in the summer after dinner to get some fresh air and stretch our legs. Now on those rare evenings when we have less to do, we still all like to get out with the kiddos on their scooters while Rich and I enjoy some conversation away from the TV screen. More often than not, though, we have to wait until after bedtime for Harper’s evening walk so Rich and I take it in turns to take her out.

It’s so pleasant to walk around our estate with its green spaces for Harper to run around and sniff. I enjoy having that time to listen to a podcast or audiobook (currently listening to the Office Ladies podcast and Louis Theroux’s Theroux the Keyhole) or draft a new blog post (I use Apple dictation to capture my ideas as I walk). However, it is also important that I make sure that sometimes, I just enjoy the quiet thrum of the background noise of the town letting my thoughts meander. I am sure Harper too is enjoying deep thoughts as she sniffs around the hedgerows!

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