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A Knowing List

Five Things I Know:

I know how to analyse the writer’s use of language and structure.

I studied English Literature at GSCE, A-Level, and degree level but it was only when I started teaching English that I think really mastered the art of analysis. I love pulling the words apart and interrogating the text to understand how each small choice contributes to the overall meaning. Looking at the structure of a text is so fascinating to me too. I am a sucker for a paragraph break for emphasis.

I really am.

I know how to make a quilt.

I made my first quilt by making it up as I go but as I got interested, I took courses, read books, and eventually set up my own book and sewing club along with the wonderful Cie who I met on Twitter back in the heady days of the internet when we used location services to find local Twitterers. The club, Sew Make Believe, met weekly and talked about books and crafted together. We ran workshops and got people in to teach us things.

I have sold a couple of mini-quilts through Etsy, made some for gifts, made a 40th wedding anniversary quilt for my parents and I have made quilts for both children.

I know how to drive.

I learned to drive when I was 17, getting my provisional licence and first driving lesson on or near my 17th birthday. I passed after 9 or 10 months the first time. I have always been a fairly confident driver although I used to always worry so much about where I would be parking when I went somewhere. Satnav has eradicated this particular concern as have rear parking sensors! I have only been caught speeding once when I was 18 after they installed new speed cameras on the Southend seafront while I had been away at university. Driving is a real joy for me and I usually really enjoy driving long distances. I suppose that is an indicator of all the pressures on me that driving for a few hours seems like a wonderful break!

I know how to make Prawn Pil Pil

I don’t know how authentic my version is but I do know it is flipping delicious. The recipe comes from my dad. It is so simple (king prawns, olive oil, garlic, chillis, paprika) and I usually make it served with ciabatta as a starter for any special occasion dinner. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

I know how to set up a blog.

I love setting up new blogs. Back when I had time and spare money, I set up my own hosted blogs and designed layouts, headers, created content. I love setting up blogs but I am rubbish at keeping them going. Now blogs are out of fashion, I am not even sure it is worth putting too much effort into a personal blog but I am sure that will not stop me. Who cares if no one is reading?! (Me. I care.)

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