A Plan for the Summer

After the initial flurry of excitement that came after we booked our summer trip to New York/ Orlando, I have avoided doing to much in the way of obsessive planning in case we are yet again disappointed. We will have to do some crucial Disney booking of parks and restaurants but otherwise, I am trying to hold off until we are closer to going.

However, this hasn’t stopped me thinking of all the spots in New York City that I would love to visit. And I am not talking about the must-see landmarks that are on every sight-seeing list. I am talking about those locations which have been familiar from beloved television shows and films. Here are five that we may or may not get around to seeing IRL:

  1. The Friends building in Greenwich Village
  2. The Ghostbusters fire station
  3. The cafe from You’ve Got Mail (and the park at the end, and hundreds of other locations!)
  4. The Strand Book Store from Dash and Lily
  5. The steps of The Met from Gossip Girl
The Friends Building, Bedford Street
The Ghostbusters Fire Station, North Moore Street
Cafe Lalo, W 83rd St
The Strand Book Store, Broadway
Metropolitan Museum of Art, Fifth Avenue

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