As I wrote today’s date on the board for my first lesson, I realised with a happy jolt that we were exactly a month away from flying from New York to Orlando. We will have already enjoyed three nights in the Big Apple and we will be heading for the Magic Kingdom. We have been anticipating this holiday for such a long time with Covid-related cancellations that we are understandably getting increasingly excited for this special trip.

We have started gathering travel accoutrements in the spare room (packing cubes, hand-held fans, a brand new cabin bag etc.) and I have been avidly planning our time with park and dinner reservations all arranged. I am in the tricky stage of trying not to get carried away while also wanting to savour every moment.

Even so, I still can’t help feeling nervous. With Covid cases on the rise, we anxiously await our departure date and hope we stay well (and that the current lack of requirement for a negative test to travel stays in place).

With so much going on this month – Evelina is finishing Year 6 and leaving her school – I am trying not to will the days away… but the countdown is on nonetheless!

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