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Beginning of an Ending

Friday just gone was Evelina’s last Friday at Primary School. After seven years of being in her little one class entry school, always being the oldest in the school (the school opened with her class so now she is in Year 6, the school is full for the first time), having a lovely group of kids in her class, she will soon be off to start a new school with none of her friends from primary. Friday was also Sports Day. Both the kiddos did brilliantly but I was absolutely blown away by Evelina’s running. I have never seen her run a longer distance so had no idea she could run 600m with such ease and determination. We were both so proud and delighted to be there to see it.

This last week will be a series of milestone moments: her prom on Monday, her play on Wednesday, her class assembly on Thursday, the last day of term, and then a gathering with her friends as the summer holidays finally start. Yesterday, I took her to get her nails painted – something she specifically requested.

We also took advantage of being in Alcester on Saturday to pick up her new school uniform (although her blazer had to be ordered so below is just a quick preview before we have the full uniform with new school shoes included – what shoes are Year 7 girls wearing now?!). We got chatting to other girls starting at her school and fresh from her induction day and welcome evening last week, Evelina is definitely full of excitement for her next academic chapter.

We stayed the night with my mum and dad last night which meant we had lots of lovely quality time talking and enjoying the sun in the garden. The kiddos were on particularly cute form (once they had had their requisite paddling pool-related spat). Once the kids were (finally) tucked up, Mum, Dad and I talked late into the night.

The weekend has been full with both family time and getting the garage ready for conversion; tomorrow, the builder starts work turning half of our garage into a bigger office space for Rich. We took advantage of having a load of Rich’s friends over to help move the heavy gym equipment out of the garage ready for the work to begin.

We are bracing ourselves for the heat wave which will ramp up tomorrow. The small air conditioning unit will come into its own no doubt so at least the lounge will be comfortable.

Meanwhile, I have a pit of dread in my stomach about having to manage overheated teenagers for the next couple of days.

It also feels a little like I am on a runaway train with the final days of Primary School flying past and I can’t slow it down. Ironically for my part, the term can’t end quickly enough as I am exhausted (and so are the students I am trying to teach) and yet three and a half days seems like an eternity at the moment! I really don’t want to wish this last week away and get to that ending too fast.

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