My favourite season is my favourite again

Autumn has been tricky now for a few years. Although it is traditionally my favourite season, the past few autumns have felt hectic and overwhelming rather than cosy and comfortable. My change in working pattern has given me just enough space to enjoy this time of year which fills up so quickly with parties, birthdays and planning for Christmas. It is a time of year that feels like a new start with the start of term after the summer holidays and as such, it is a much-needed reset of what is important.

Rae Dunn candles

I have already started to sprinkle some seasonal magic around our home with a new wreath for the front, fabric pumpkin decorations from Hobbycraft, decorations from Next (the lady thought I was bonkers when I bought these in early September), and some new Rae Dunn candles and a pumpkin cushion from Home Sense. This time of year is once again bringing me joy. I love the colours and the smells and the food. I love the darker nights and the need for cardigans. I love candlelight and spooky decorations.

Here are ten things I would like to do still this season:

  1. Go for a walk in an arboretum
  2. Go conker collecting
  3. Bake some parkin (using my grandma’s recipe)
  4. Visit dear friends down south
  5. Watch Harry Potter, Practical Magic and Hocus Pocus 2
  6. Read something witchy – maybe I will finally read Beloved which has been on my annual to-do list for at least two years.
  7. Go to the Warwick Town Bonfire Night display
  8. Write in a bookshop cafe.
  9. Light a candle.
  10. Make some autumn art with the kiddos.
Fabric pumpkins from Hobbycraft

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