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My Word of the Year – Connection

Last year, my word was Bold. I think that I became bolder in 2022. I still have work to do. I do want to choose a new word, though, for this year. A friend asked me yesterday about this and how I choose it. Sometimes I need a verb, and sometimes an adjective. This year, I had a strong feeling that I needed an abstract noun. Sometimes, I use word scrambles you find online where significant words jump out at you; sometimes, I look at Word of the Year lists to see if any of the words resonate; sometimes, I search the blogs I follow for inspiration.

The most powerful method, though, is just to find some quiet time to sit and listen to myself. I search my feelings, Jedi-style. I think about what I am lacking, what I am looking for, what I want, and /or what I need. The following words came to me this way:

  • Peace
  • Belonging
  • Understanding
  • Connection

That’s quite a list. I think that Connection will actually allow me to gain a sense of peace, belonging and understanding so I am going with that.

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