Exploring in 2023

After our Big Family Holiday last year, we knew that our travel plans for 2023 would be more modest. However, just a few days into the year and we already have some exciting exploring in store.

To celebrate our twentieth wedding anniversary in May, we originally had plans for a European city break for just the two of us. However, after hours of searching and researching, we have decided to stay closer to home. I kept saying that I was waiting for the funny feeling in my tummy. I cannot explain why I was left cold bt the idea of visiting all these amazing cities that I thought I wanted to visit, Rome, Prague, Lisbon… none of them felt right, So when Rich stumbled upon some luxury forest lodges on the edge of the Peak District, I got that funny feeling and I knew this was the place. Tranquility, beautiful surroundings, hot tub and sauna at the lodge, and my favorite place on earth. There is no other place that makes me feel like I do in the Peak District. Disney may have been amazing but it is no Stanage Edge or Chatsworth House. Most importantly, we got married in the Peak District so it feels particularly fitting to be going there to celebrate twenty years on.

Later in the May half-term, we are all taking a trip away to East Wittering, West Sussex. Harper and the kiddos are sure to love the nearby beaches and I am hoping to visit my brother while we are down in his (sort of) neck of the woods.

In the summer holiday, my brother is hitting the big 5-0 so we are celebrating by spending a week in the beautiful Devon countryside between Dartmouth and Totnes, not far from the River Dart. It looks idyllic and I am so excited to spend a week with my own family and my original family. Harper is invited too!

The themes of our adventure this year seem to be family and celebration and these themes most definitely fit in with my Word of the Year ‘connection’. I am smiling as I type this in anticipation of the good times ahead.

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