37 Things

I turned 37 at the end of July. These are the things I want to do before I turn 38.

  1. Celebrate my auntie and uncle’s 50th wedding anniversary with them in Falmouth, MA
  2. Go to the theatre
  3. Meet up with a PGCE friend
  4. Read 50 books in a year 12 months
  5. Re-watch the whole of Lost
  6. Make a quilt
  7. Write a weekly daily monthly journal from 2014
  8. Organise my work area
  9. Make a wall display for my classroom
  10. Swim in a lake
  11. Visit a new city
  12. Decorate my home for autumn
  13. Take Baby Girl trick or treating
  14. Go to a Bonfire Night display
  15. Take Baby Girl on a boat
  16. Start a Project Life binder
  17. Make a new friend
  18. Write a story
  19. Read something by Patrick Ness
  20. Go to a Zumba class
  21. Have breakfast for dinner
  22. Make a handmade gift
  23. Host a book club meeting
  24. Make fresh hazelnut coffee at home
  25. Go to the zoo
  26. Ride a roller coaster
  27. Go to a Pride festival
  28. Visit Italy
  29. Paint the front door
  30. Customise the cushions in the lounge
  31. Find the best pancakes in the world
  32. Catch hermit crabs
  33. Watch the Superbowl
  34. Take Baby Girl to see Santa Claus
  35. Have a winter barbecue
  36. Wear red shoes to work
  37. Fully qualify as a teacher

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