Losing my Crafting Mojo


With all that I have on my plate at the moment, something has had to give. It makes me sad that this something is crafting. The last thing I crafted was the embroidery I sewed for our sew make believe lucky dip present and that was only because I had to (although I was so glad to have an actual deadline to make something).


At our first sew make believe sit ‘n’ sew of the new year, I didn’t have anything to bring with no hand sewing projects on the go. I brought a few books along to try to get inspired. Everything Alice is a book I have had a while but I had not actually read properly. It certainly helped to pique my interest but there is not getting away from the fact that at the moment, the thought of getting my sewing (or crochet) out feels like a chore rather than the relaxing past-time that it actually is. I am not sure if I need to just wait for my teaching course to be over or whether I can try to get back some crafting time. I am sure I could use some of my (admittedly limited) relaxation/TV time to do some sewing or crochet but I just need to get past the lack of enthusiasm.

It is at times like this that I am so pleased that I have sew make believe to go to – and I want to try to make it to more meetings this term since it will give me at least two hours a fortnight when I can concentrate on my King Size sampler quilt or my huge granny square crochet blanket and hopefully I will find my crafting mojo somewhere along the way.

11 thoughts on “Losing my Crafting Mojo”

  1. I go through stages like this Kate. I love looking at scrapbooking pages on-line and save them to copy sometime, but find it hard to get motivated to actually do them. I’ve probably got far too much stash, so get overwhelmed with choices of paper and embellishments 🙂 Am starting a new craft group soon which involves workshop sessions so hope that will get me going again! You have a lot on your plate at the moment – you’ll get your mojo back soon I’m sure!!

    1. Thanks Jan! Good luck with your club – be sure to give me the details and we can post them on our blog in case any of our readers are interested. x

  2. Since my “nesting instinct” kicked in I’ve suddenly recovered my crafting mojo And Then Some – but reckon I’ve dropped my blogging mojo down a drain somewhere! All I want to be doing with my time is making things for the twins, but no matter how many projects I finish, the thought of turning on my laptop and writing a blog post about them is just too exhausting to contemplate. Even writing it here has just made me yawn! xxx

    1. Ooh I recognise that feeling – I certainly went through that phase after having Evelina but right now, blogging serves as a convenient procrastination tool when I should be essay writing! x

  3. It will return! Get through your course and you will eventually find some more r&r time. But it’s good to keep collecting ideas along the way.

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