A New Name

Austin will be three weeks old tomorrow so I thought it was high time I introduced him. This, however, gave me a dilemma. I had written all Evelina’s updates on Raising Evelina but I have struggled to rename that blog to accommodate her little brother. I have also been very slow to update that blog at all lately so I decided I would combine all my blogging and rename my Mulberry Wall blog reflect this change in focus.

I will still be blogging about all those things that interest me here but I will also be posting all the children updates here too under the Mama category. I have also renamed most of my other social media to tie in with the blog.

2 thoughts on “A New Name”

  1. Oh my, he is so beautiful! And look at Evelina’s face – she is a proud Big Sister. Congratulations, and well done Kate, and welcome to the world, little Austin. Love to the whole family xxx

  2. Thank you so much! She really is very proud to be a big sister and she’s doing a remarkable job at taking it all in her stride. I still can’t believe he is finally here! 🙂

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