7 Weeks


Dear Austin

How has it already been 7 weeks? And yet what was life like before you came? I can hardly remember.

We are still in the ‘getting used to it all’ phase still with us all getting to know you and what makes you tick. I think you are still trying to work out what makes you tick too. You look so much like your sister that it sometimes feels like the clock has been turned back five years. However, you are very much your own person and you are different to Evelina in a lot of ways. You are more sensitive and need more reassurance (or maybe we have forgotten what she was like at your age given how independent she became); you are so chatty – I don’t remember her being so vocal so early (again I might have just forgotten though); you aren’t as much about your naps as I would like and you prefer to be close to us when you sleep.


You both smiled and cooed quickly though so I hope that means you will be confident and sociable like your sister. You are strong and so very cute and I love you so much.

A friend told me once that when you have a second child, your love doesn’t halve, it doubles. This is so true.


We are going on our first family mini-holiday next week so I am both excited and apprehensive about how it will all go.

I am so happy that you have completed our family.

Love, Mama

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