Simple Life

Far From Simple

I am taking advantage of a rare bit of time without the children to do some of the many things that I have had to put on the back burner since having Austin. I am writing so infrequently here, I wanted to take a look at the blog and decide how I wanted to proceed: delete it? Archive it? Revamp? None of these seemed appealing to me (although I can’t promise I won’t update the banner, a new theme is not necessary).


I did wonder, though, if I could really consider myself as a mama living a simple life, as my tag line so boldly proclaims. I had so many good intentions about decluttering our lives both literally and figuratively. Having a baby again has kind of blown that whole ethos out of the window for me. I am sure there are parents out there living perfectly simple, frugal and uncluttered lives with babies but that’s just not how we do, here in this household.

Babies naturally bring with them a lot of detritus – most is temporary (we will dance a gig when we can get rid of the plastic bouncing rings of neglect – term coined by my lovely NCT friend, Louise) but some things either hang around a lot longer or form a never ending chain of stuff that needs to be acquired and stored.

With just one term left of maternity leave (teachers think in school terms!), I am even more aware that I need to try to make our lives easier and not by spending more (although a chef and a cleaner would definitely help!). I want to bring our lives back to a more intentional way of life.

The busy summer is finished and now comes my favourite time of year. The new school year feels like the perfect time for new starts and so I am making some mini simple living resolutions to try to bring me back on track.

  • Less unintentional screen time – less scrolling, more writing or reading
  • More exercise – I have already started on this and I am motivated to keep going
  • More productive evenings – now we have them back, I want to make the most of them.
  • Keep using my bullet journal to stay organised – I love using this to stay on top of all my tasks AND allowing me to be a little bit creative on a daily basis.
  • Write more. Blogs, novels, tutoring/teaching resources etc.
  • Find creative and free/inexpensive ways to spend time with and treat the children.

None of this is unachievable but I need to write things down as goals sometimes in order to focus and make the right choices; hopefully, I will edge a bit closer to that simple life I so crave!

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