Almost Forty

Tomorrow, I will be forty years old. I thought for sure by the time I got to this ripe old age, I would feel more grown up but maybe that’s the big secret that no child knows: there is no one moment when you feel like you have it all together.


I wrote my list of 39 things that I wanted to do but I did not dare to tempt fate by including the one thing I really wanted – another baby. Now Austin is most definitely here (and being kind enough to remind me every night at about 3am), the rest of my list feels a bit insignificant (although it was a lot of fun doing it).

Instead of making a list of 40 things I want to do, I will be recording 40 things that make me happy in the next year. I don’t feel like charge myself with a list of challenges but instead want to take the opportunity to be mindful of all the great things in my life and ensure that I don’t take any of them for granted.


So my first thing that makes me happy? It’s my beautiful Pashley bike – my birthday gift from Rich. I am beyond grateful for this gorgeous creation and I can’t wait for Evelina to learn how to rider her bike so that we can go for some bike rides together as a family. It is also a wonderfully freeing feeling to whizz along on a bike on my own – I do so crave a slice of time which is just mine and going out on my bike will be just perfect.

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