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Every January for the past three years, I have chosen a word to focus on. Last year was Nurture – I did a lot of that but I also didn’t really focus on it like I’d hoped. The joy of motherhood sometimes means that life seems to be passing by, like you’re on a train and watching it pass out the window. You see it but you don’t feel a part of it. It’s a strange feeling. 

The ‘one little word‘ concept was devised by Ali Edwards who incorporates her chosen word into her memory keeping in some way. I don’t see me having the time to dedicate a journal or album just to this year’s word but I am trying to think of a way to make sure I don’t just forget it in a week’s time. My post  last year is still completely relevant but I wish I’d been more mindful during this last year of maternity leave. It’s so easy to think about all the things you wish you were doing when you are actually doing something pretty remarkable. My nurturing is one of my successes (arguably the most important) in a year that feels like a long list of missed chances and failures.

So. This year I won’t say things will be different although I will hope it. My word for 2017 is BALANCE. I will be back to work part-time and it’s so important that I strike a satisfactory balance between work, family, friends and self.  I want to feel like I’m on an even keel. Level. Steady. Sure. In control. Balanced.

Previous words:

2014 – tough

2015 – positive

2016 – nurture 

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