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Living on Purpose

When I was really struggling with Austin and wondering why it seemed so much harder than last time (apart from the obvious things like me being older, Austin not being Evelina etc.), I realised that what was making it hard was not being in a routine. I was feeding him every two hours, on demand like I had been told. It took me months to remember that routine makes life so much easier (for me at least – not for everyone).

So we grabbed the Baby Whisperer book and got him into a routine. He grew. We changed to Supernanny. He got into in his routine and it meant better naps, more sleep at night, better feeding and a much saner mama.

Being ill last year threw him out of this but generally speaking, I know where I am with him during the day. So why do I still feel slightly out of control? And why do I feel slightly aimless?  I realise that whilst Austin is very much in a routine, I am not. I have never been able to live to a schedule. I don’t do chores at the same time each week. The shopping gets done when we need food. Going back to work will force a certain amount of routine but on my days off, I have less purpose, apart from the kids and their needs.

To try to achieve the much-needed but elusive balance of my previous post, I am going to try to start scheduling in things I want to get done – both fun things like Project Life, writing, crafting as well as the mandatory tasks like household chores and teaching prep – to see if I can train myself to live more intentionally. And this is the crux of it. At the moment, I feel I am reacting to life and I would love *LOVE* to someday feel like I am living it on purpose!

2 thoughts on “Living on Purpose”

  1. Kids just do make you feel out of control. I reckon each child divides your attention and energy by half, and makes life about 10 times more difficult, but improves your life by an infinite quantity! I had a routine with my last child, and it has made sanity out of chaos with three kids. Well, that and Google Calendar…

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